Our Mission

We believe that art education is really important for kids—and it’s not just about the opportunity to be crafty! Good art education that is fun, creative, and built on strong art fundamentals can equip kids with skills that will help them thrive in any life path. STEM education gives them a valuable skill set, but art training teaches them how to approach any job or situation with creativity. Art teaches ingenuity and patience. Art is also a fantastic outlet for stress and anxiety. Our kids really need art in their lives! We’re excited to bring high quality, fun, art education to the Highland, Alpine, and Cedar Hills Communities.

Our curriculum is strongly based on the elements and principles of design. We equip students with theses tools, and then teach them how to use them, in conjunction with different art mediums and genres, to find their own unique style. Everyone can be artistic when equipped with the tools and understanding to awaken their own inner artist. 

Our Studio

We are an in-home studio located in our basement apartment in south Alpine, UT. We have about 1500 ft2 of studio space with lots of natural light, and a large clean-up area. 

About Us

We are the Davies family, and we love all things art!

I'm Megan—owner and head teacher at Flying Pig Art Studio. I loved art as a child and took every art class ever offered to me in my school years. I was lucky to have an exceptional high school art teacher, Mrs. Marriott, who set me on a life-long path of art study. I studied Fine Art and Design at BYU, and graduated with a degree in Art and Design in 2000. Since then, I have worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, and opened my own design studio in 2005. Recently, I decided to leave the craziness of deadlines and clients behind and return to the roots of what I love, and so I opened Flying Pig Art Studio.

Trent works as a software architect to support the rest of the family's art habits.

Caryse, 17, is an exceptionally talented artist. She has worked really hard for the last 12 years to learn all she can about art. She is especially good at body forms, and anime. She hopes to continue her art studies through high school and college. She helps with classes for our younger budding artists and our summer art camps. 

Sophie, 13, was also born with the art bug, and has a great budding talent. She likes to illustrate people and has a penchant for cartoons. She helps with our summer art camps.

Charles, 10,  is our resident art student. He gets really excited about any art or craft project. He helps prep and clean up our art classes.