Birthday Parties

Let us host your next Birthday Party!

We are open for parties on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We recommend 90-minute parties for kids 5-8, and 2 hour parties for 9+.

We require a minimum of 6 kids, and can accommodate up to 12.

Each party includes an art project of your choice and 1-2 party games, with time left over for treats and present opening. We also provide basic party decorations.


5-9 year olds; 90 minutes — $15/child (6 child minimum)

10 Year olds and older; 2 hours — $20/child (6 child minimum)


• Balloons - $10-$15

• Paper Products - $1/child

• Cake/Ice Cream - TBD based on number of children and cake preference.

• Piñata - $35

• theme with extra theme-inspired decorations and games. (Ex. Harry Potter, pirates, princess party, etc.) - $20

Art Project Options

Projects for 5-9 year olds

• treasure chests

• jumping jack bugs

• egg carton creatures

• foam swords and pirate hats

• Harry Potter magic wands

Projects for 10 +

• Clay Charms/Bead Jewelry

• Guided painting

• Duct tape wallets/lanyards

• Linocut printmaking (suggested for 12 and older) +$3/child for supplies

• Harry Potter magic wands

*** Let us know if you have an idea for an art project for your child’s party, and we will see if we can accommodate it. ***

To book your birthday party, call Megan at 801-244-8871, or email